So I just read this …

… and now I feel like some kind of hapless fool scurrying around the world looking for renewable energy solutions when I live in a country with a government that clearly, unashamedly doesn’t look for clean solutions at all.

In approving a coal terminal on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef – and dredging and dumping soil in the reef – as well as a coal seam gas project on a nearby island, Environment Minister Greg Hunt has clearly shown that the federal government will stop at nothing to secure big business.

Despite the obvious environmental benefits of renewable energy, my government (I say my loosely because I sure as hell didn’t vote for Tony Abbott) fails to see that environmental protectionism, particularly in the area of renewable energy, is the answer when it comes to saving AND making money. Not only does clean energy make good environmental sense, the industry creates three times as many jobs as the fossil fuel industry.

Right now I am in Germany where for years this right-wing government has made the country into a world leader for environmental policy and clean energy. And the country is nestled among other countries who are working towards stringent targets and carbon neutrality, namely Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Even across the world Columbia, and even Cuba, are making waves in being green. What are we doing? Removing old growth forests from the world heritage list, failing to attend the UN Climate Convention and repealing our carbon tax. All while aiming for a reduction of 5 per cent by 2020. 5 per cent. FIVE per cent?????? All the money in the pockets of Abbott, Rinehart and Murdoch won’t save them from the cataclysmic events that are scheduled once we hit a one-degree rise, let alone, two, three or four.

I feel like I am in some kind of a state of shock. I have never felt more powerless or ashamed. How does one solve such a problem when these cowboys are involved? I am at a loss. Research feels fruitless when the powers that be are so intent of destroying everything we are trying to protect.

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