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Prof Judith Brett discusses the “resource curse” as part of the Geelong Regional Library’s Word for Word Non-Fiction Festival.


Managed to avoid the usual Christmas rant.

Christmas giftingPDF: Better than gifts

Thanks to Mik Aidt and Tony Gleeson for having me on their show – The Sustainable Hour on 94.7FM The Pulse. It was great to be invited.


Samso wind farm, Denmark. Photo: Eve Fisher

Samso wind farm, Denmark.
Photo: Eve Fisher

Harvard researchers have revealed they have created an organic battery that could reduce the cost of storing solar and wind energy from around $700 per kilowatt hour to $27. The researchers themselves have been quoted as saying this could be the clean energy “game-changer”.

Here are a few links that have appeared in the past few days.

ImageCraig Morris is one of those people whose name keeps coming up every time I interview someone new. He’s an energy journalist and has his finger on the pulse more than most.

Morris has developed a series of videos on everything from community renewable projects to the nuclear power movement. Check him out. He’s a bit of a champion and has helped me endlessly during the German leg of the trip. For that I will be eternally grateful.

You’ll find his videos here –

Also, the latest post from his blog –


The best clean energy breakthroughs

Change will happen once people realise they are the ones with the power (pardon the pun!!!).