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Robert Kiyosaki is a bit of a hero of mine so I jumped at the opportunity to do a couple of stories with him – one feature and one business story. I read Rich Dad Poor Dad years ago and still often think about his advice. He knows what’s going on!

And a PDF version …AGESaB29NAA15NOV

I have to confess, until I saw Rod Quantock speak at a Western Vic Greens fundraiser last week, I had no idea right-wing “think tank” the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) had written a 100-point plan of their vision for Australian policy. Repealing the carbon tax is number on the list – tick.

I found a great article on where each point has been analysed to see what has been adopted and what might be adopted. It’s scary stuff.

What the IPA will get from Abbott

What the IPA will get from Abbott (part 2)


Just got sent this great story on community owned energy. This is terrific news for the sector. Thanks to Trent Hawkins, a senior energy consultant at Enhar, for sharing.

Thanks to Mik Aidt and Tony Gleeson for having me on their show – The Sustainable Hour on 94.7FM The Pulse. It was great to be invited.


ImageCraig Morris is one of those people whose name keeps coming up every time I interview someone new. He’s an energy journalist and has his finger on the pulse more than most.

Morris has developed a series of videos on everything from community renewable projects to the nuclear power movement. Check him out. He’s a bit of a champion and has helped me endlessly during the German leg of the trip. For that I will be eternally grateful.

You’ll find his videos here –

Also, the latest post from his blog –


The best clean energy breakthroughs

Change will happen once people realise they are the ones with the power (pardon the pun!!!).

I’ve always loved this guy but now he has really taken the cake in terms of gazillionaire who knows what is important.

Check out this link and see how attitudes to wind power are changing.

Wind power to the people


Kirsten Hasberg

I’ve met a lot of inspiring people along the way but Kirsten Hasberg stands out as someone who is making her mark in the world of renewable energy or rather, energy transition. She is the CEO and founder of Energy Democracy – an energy media agency – and has produced videos for the EU-Project Energy Region. Kirsten ran a crowdfunding campaign in the spring of 2013 to initiate the project

Check out a bunch of her videos here …
And learn more about Kirsten here …

In a move that underscores Wall Street’s growing unease over the business-as-usual strategy of the world’s fossil fuel companies, Bloomberg L.P. unveiled a tool last week that helps investors quantify for the first time how climate policies and related risks might batter the earnings and stock prices of individual oil, coal and natural gas companies.